Welcome to Olio
Your flexible, efficient
prepaid payment solution

> It's easy to get going
> There are no ongoing distribution costs
> Retailer choice for your audience
> Ongoing engagement
> Comprehensive Reporting

Are you an Olio
Who is Olio?
Olio is brought to you by a specialist consultancy with over 20 years experience in the prepaid payment market.

Black and White Consulting wanted to create a flexible and efficient prepaid card for the professional corporate market, that combined the appeal and the user experience of a consumer product.

How easy is it?

Set-up and get going in 3

simple steps:




> Ease of administration
> Choice for your audience
> No on going distribution costs
> Comprehensive reporting
> Ongoing engagement

What can I use it for?

Olio can be used as a quick and convenient alternative to vouchers, gift cards and cash payments for a variety of audiences including: 

> Rewards and Incentives
> Long Service Awards
> Sales Incentives
> Suggestion Schemes
> Charity Grant Payments
> Local Authority Payments
> Insurance Claims
> Fuel Payments
> Payroll and Expenses